Thursday, January 07, 2010


Why is there an evil genie who compels me, after dropping off an entire carload of crap at the back of the thrift store, to then drive around to the front of the thrift store and go inside and look for more crap? I don't know what his name is, but he is evil!

(I only picked up a couple of books. And a Chinese basket. And two vintage saucers. Hardly anything, really.)

I have been meaning to share these little items ever since Thanksgiving weekend, when Todd and I went to an estate sale in the tiny town of Kensington, Ohio, and I bid on a bunch of box lots.

These were in a small box of sewing odds and ends, and they had an oddly familiar look and shape, but it took me a moment to realize what they were made of. Can you tell?

These little hat-shaped pincushions were made from the lid of a margarine or cottage cheese tub, with a cup cut from an egg carton mounted on top! Covered in fabric, trimmed with braid, and studded with pins.

Now that's frugal.