Monday, November 03, 2008

Grandma update.

Grandma is doing well--the surgery went great and they're getting her up and walking right away. She has not been very mobile at all the past several years, and I'm hoping that won't impede her recovery. My cousin Roland has been keeping me updated on Facebook (he lives in the same city where she's hospitalized) and he speculated that the physical therapy might even help her regain a little of the mobility, which would certainly be a blessing.
Grandma is a toughie--she's beaten breast cancer and a heart attack, so I am praying she will recover well from this, too. I know it'll be a long and painful process, though, so keep those good thoughts coming!

A few fall pics.

We went up to Williamsburg on Saturday to do a little shopping. We ended up in the downtown area--Duke of Gloucester Street has shopping at one end, and then you can stroll down the street and into Colonial Williamsburg.

Shopping district:

Buildings in Colonial Wiliamsburg: