Monday, June 06, 2005

Weekend doings

Todd and I went to the beach on Saturday, our first trip this year. I can’t believe it took us so long, but we have been having busy weekends ever since the weather got warm. We always go to Sandbridge, which is south of Virginia Beach—a nice family-type of beach that still feels close to nature, without all the hotels and shops that Virginia Beach features.

A couple was getting married on the beach right by the pier when we got there, with a small group of family and friends around them. The wedding party was dressed traditionally, but everyone else was casual. The bridesmaids wore sundresses in periwinkle blue with floaty layered skirts, and the groomsmen had shirts in that same blue, with light tan suits. The bride had a traditional white gown. I stood in the surf and watched from a distance. The longer I’m married, the more I love weddings. Taking those vows is such a momentous and timeless thing. So hopeful, so full of faith.

We also watched Finding Neverland over the weekend--nobody warned me it was going to be a weeper. I hate weepers! Actually, I thought it was excellent, even if I did bawl through the last 30 minutes. Big emotional movies are not my favorite thing, and the ending felt a little manipulative and drawn-out, but I liked the idea of holding onto your childish fancies and your sense of wonder even when you are confronted by the harsh realities of life. I thought the movie juxtaposed those two extremes really well: the beauty of our fantasies against the cruelties that life can throw at you. And the only thing sexier than Johnny Depp is Johnny Depp with a Scottish accent. Kate Winslet was gorgeous and wonderful as always, too.

I've been given the unexpected bonus of two days off this week, so I am going to really try to crank out the cards for Paper Crafts. I have a lot of good ideas sketched out, now I need to strap myself into my chair and make the ideas reality. Maybe I can scrap some, too...that would be such a good thing to do!

I strolled into work today and was immediately confronted by a bunch of new Making Memories foam stamps. Had to buy some, even though I have no place to put them. Gemiel Matthews was in the store today and asked me how I store mine--I told her if she comes up with a great idea to rush over and let me know! I think I'd use my foam stamps more often if I wasn't trying to cram them all back in those little boxes every time.

While I'm name-dropping, I waited on two HOFers at the store Sunday and didn't even know it: Lisa Storms and Traci Turchin. That's what I get for not keeping up with these important things the way I used to. So girls, if you're out sorry I didn't fawn over you, because you deserve at least a little pampering and fawning!