Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fourth of July weekend.

I'm going to post the Memorial Day pictures I took of my front porch for the Fourth of July, since after a month of 90- and 100- degree temperatures, these flowers don't look so great any more.

The white and blue lobelia is all long dead...the red geraniums on the steps have mostly stopped blooming...the red geraniums in the hanging baskets are struggling along, but have about a third as many blooms on beloved blue and white petunia basket that I brought home from Ohio is hanging in there, too, but it has about half as many blooms now.

I've watered and Miracle-Gro'ed assiduously, but I guess potted plants can only take just so much. Now I have very little color left in my beds or on my porch, but I'm not sure I want to try planting any new annuals that will probably just crisp up and die in whatever summer blasts July has in store for us. Ah, gardening...! At least it was nice for a week or two...