Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SB pages.

Here's what I've been working on the past couple of weeks. Sorry about the bad pictures on the 12x12s...my new scanner just isn't that great for scanning/stitching, so I just plop the biggies on the floor and snap a pic. I used to be such a pro at stitching 12x12s...sigh!

It feels good to get some of these pictures scrapped...or as my friend Janet used to say, "Another memory saved, baby!" I'm working backward through 2008, then I'll hopefully move on to 2007, for which I only have a handful of layouts, and then finish off 2006, which is about half done.

Can I just say here how bad I hate postbound albums? My gosh, are they hard to deal with. I'm putting all the 2007s and 2008s into one giant D-ring album, all different sizes, and that is SO much easier than trying to find post extenders and cram a million layouts onto the posts and then simultaneously hold it all together and screw it shut. If you've ever done it, I know you feel my pain!

I have taco soup brewing in the crockpot, since it's quite chilly today. It's supposed to have chicken in it, but I had a little package of stew beef in the freezer, so I used that instead. And you put in a whole bottle of beer. I just went down and stirred it--it smells very beery! Todd will turn up his nose at the beans, but he'll live.

I mailed in our absentee ballots this morning...I'm not sure I've ever said a prayer when voting before, but I actually did close my eyes and mumble a little blessing before I dropped the envelopes down the chute. I really hope that whoever wins, that will be the best choice for the times our country needs to navigate through. It's been an exciting election year--in a good way--but it's also been sobering to see the full scope of what we're up against, economically and globally. I think most of us just want what's best for America. Hard to remember that sometimes.

I'm out, see ya later!