Thursday, June 09, 2005

Natalie and Marissa

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Natalie looks quite happy to be a big sister. Marissa doesn't know how lucky she is!

Nice stuff

Things are going fairly well in the creating second day off this week and I am finishing stuff (layout below), submitting stuff, and even coming up with some new stuff (cards, cards, cards). Tomorrow will be all about getting ready for company this weekend (grocery store, cleaning, toddler-proofing), so this is my scrapping day.

I had a nice little surprise yesterday when Shawna from Memory Makers called and requested a layout that I completely forgot existed, let alone that I had submitted it to them at some point in time. It will be in the November issue; it's about a chair that we picked up at an auction and had reupholstered. I persist in calling it my $35 chair, though the reupholstering was substantially more than that! Anyway, I'm really pleased about that call, it's renewed my hopes a little.

I'm just so happy about that new baby, I've been smiling all day. Our cousin Marissa will be so thrilled to know the baby shares her name! I can't wait to get some more pictures of the little cutie.


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My sis sent me these photos at least a year ago, but I only stumbled across the perfect paper for them a few days ago at the store. Something about those little umbrellas and boots just makes me happy. I applied Doodlebug stitch rub-ons around the edge--they may be too subtle to be seen here. (Too subtle to be seen--my trademark, LOL.) Letter stickers are MAMBI, so old they could be considered antiques. I sprayed the tags with Stylish Dyelights from Scrapping With Style, and I was really pleased with how they came out. This layout is just for me, nice, fun, simple.

It's a girl!

My brother and his wife had a baby girl this morning, Marissa Kathryn! A total surprise, to me, anyway--I wasn't expecting this for a couple more weeks. I am so, so, delighted to be an auntie again and have a new kid in my life to love.

In the past 5 years, Todd and I have been the lucky recipients of one nephew and six nieces. (Our other nephew Tanner was born way back in the 90's.) It's been a veritable shower of babies for a long time, and I think Marissa will be the last one from any of our siblings, which makes me a little sad. But watching them all grow up is a delight in itself, as they develop their personalities and interests...bittersweet to be sure, but also a joy.

So welcome to the world, Marissa Kathryn--you have so many people who will love you and cherish you. May you have a long and joyful life!