Saturday, July 28, 2007

Study pics.

After six months, I think I can finally say my study/scraproom is pretty much done. Done enough for pictures, anyway.

Walking in the door:

Further left:

In the room now and continuing to turn left:

Now standing in front of the chair and looking at the opposite wall. Paper is in the cart, stamps and misc stuff in the stacked drawers:

And then looking back toward the doorway:

Another shot of my desk:

And my ribbon rack on the back of the door, and (most of) my scrapping stuff in the closet:

Isn't it funny how the color of the walls looks totally different depending on the light? It's called Glass Green, from Laura Ashley/Lowe's.

Looking at these, I think the only thing left to do is to replace those UGLY brown doors with white paneled doors, which we will do as soon as humanly possible. So, say...three years from now? Heh.