Thursday, March 05, 2009

Checking in again.

This seems to be my week to recommend things...have you tried the Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer? I have always used regular Scrubbing Bubbles to clean the tub and shower and various other things, but this stuff is beyond. The promo page says it "makes scrubbing virtually obsolete" and I have to say that it's true. I use a little scrubby brush when I clean the tub, but it doesn't even really work with this mega foamer stuff; it's overkill. All you really need is a nice soft cloth, and you just wipe the grime away.

I'm not usually one to rave about cleaning products, but this stuff really is fantastic.

In other shopping news, I have also been thinking a lot about Etsy and independent entrepeneurs in this weird and crazy economy we have going on right now. There are several issues meshing in my mind...the dangerousness and cheap quality of many items that are coming from China, the precariousness of small businesses, and the desire to keep even just a tiny bit of spending money here in this country where it belongs.

So there have been a couple of times in the past couple weeks when I needed something (new make-up and travel cases, body spray, a birthday gift) and instead of running to Target or Bath and Body Works, I checked Etsy first. For comparable prices, you can get something really unique (and safer, less chemical-laden, etc.) and put money directly into the pocket of someone who I'm sure can use it. So don't forget about Etsy and all the cool shops there. Not having to put on real clothes and search for a parking place and fight the crowds is just an additional bonus!