Friday, December 11, 2009

Tiny tree.

I took a picture of my little tree today for the Christmas journal.

We usually put up our 6 1/2-foot pre-lit tree, but I needed to rearrange the living room to make room for some of the company we'll be having over the holidays, and there wasn't really enough room left for a big tree. So I dug out my little old 3-footer and put it on a small round table with a vintage Christmas tablecloth pinned around it in lieu of a skirt.

One nice thing about a little tree--they take a LOT less time to get decorated! I'm in awe of people who decorate two, three, four, even more, trees for Christmas. I can barely summon the oomph to get one up and done!


barbara said...

It's just right! I'm with you on the multiple trees. One big one and one little one were plenty for me.

Kim said...

It's adorable & I love the page that you made around it.