Saturday, May 16, 2009

What we're doing right now.

A little water, a few towels, and some plastic ponies and tea set dishes...peace and quiet and messiness.

A lot of messiness, actually, but who cares?

Hm. I think I care. I've mopped up about five spills between these two paragraphs.

Out to the porch with these guys. And maybe then I can get this two-minutes-turned-into-twenty-minutes blog post written.

We're watching our nieces today while their mom and dad ride in a charity bike-a-thon. These two are the cutest, funniest, smartest girls ever. Although their messes seem to grow exponentially.


donnapiranha said...

They're fun when you can "rent" them and then get out of the contract at the end of the day! Ha

beverlyd said...

In the first picture, I thought she was holding a bong. LOL.

~kellyann~ said...

Always smart to keep water, dirt and noisey things OUTSIDE!!!

The girls are adorable. Cracked up about the 'bong' comment!!