Saturday, February 07, 2009


People who put up wallpaper in their homes should be ostracized from decent society and made to live with their horrible tasteless walls for the rest of their natural lives.

It's not coming down easy. That's all I have to say--I don't have enough strength left in my arms to type any more words!
I. Hate. Wallpaper.


Cheryl said...

Ooooooh! Sorry! I was so hoping it would come down easily. I'm sure the vanity looks gorgeous though!

Tracy said...

Amen, preach on sister. I never could understand why anyone, after going through the pain of removing wallpaper, would ever in their lifetime consider putting it up again.

Even if I knew and despised the next buyers of my house I wouldn't do that to them!

Janelle said...

Tracy, the bad karma wouldn't be worth it! I think poor Dennis (the original owner) must be feeling some pains today from the curses I've rained down upon him! LOL.