Saturday, February 07, 2009


I'm not quite as grumpy as I was this afternoon, but I'm not quite happy, either. My arms are killing me!

I'd say we've got about 1/3 of the border down. The part above the shower came off in nice big chunks, mostly--bigger chunks than anywhere else, anyway. So that was good. But there's still a ton of scraping and peeling yet to do. I am SO grateful there's only one border in this house! Glad it's a smallish bathroom, too.

While I was peeling and scraping, Todd got the vanity doors mostly done, and I think they're going to look very nice indeed.

Todd thinks he should tackle the last bits of wallpaper backing and glue residue with the electric sander. Anybody know of any good reason why he shouldn't? They never mention the sander option in any of the articles I've read about wallpaper stripping, and yet it seems like such a good idea...easier than scraping every last millimeter off by hand!

I forgot to mention that I went back to Kohl's on Tuesday and bought another cheapie quilt, this time a blue full/queen for our bedroom. It was $6.99! 90% off! And it came with two pillow shams! (The twin red quilt came with one sham.) The funny/sad thing is, it seemed like an appropriate price for the thing--it's cheaply made, made in China, not at all high-end, and yet someone thought people would fork over $70 for one. And they were wrong, obviously! I like the quilt, don't get me wrong, but $6.99 seemed like a very fair price for it. I wouldn't have wanted to pay more. It will be nice to have for a springtime bed cover; it's got pretty floral patterns in it.

I can't lift my arms any more, off to watch TV and push the remote buttons with my big toe. Heh!


Julie Sturgeon said...

I love a good sale. You'll probably get 10 years out of that Kohl's purchase just because you're so proud of the deal!

scrapmom4 said...

Happy day about the quilt! As for the border...I feel your pain. I took down one in Kaisa's room just a couple weeks ago and my shoulder is just now beginning to forgive me for it. Good luck with the sander!

donnapiranha said...

When I took down wallpaper, I bought one of those little tools that you run all over the paper and it puts tiny holes in the paper but doesn't damage the walls. Have you seen one of those? After running that thing around, then I spritzed the fabric softener mixture on. The little pinholes made it easier for the fabric softener to get under the wallpaper. It pulled off like a dream.

Mimi said...

Bwhahahahahahaha at the toe comment.

I'm so sorry.