Friday, March 10, 2006

Welcome, spring?

If I had any doubt spring was here, today would definitely prove it to my satisfaction. It's sunny and in the seventies and just beautiful.

Here's the trees outside my upstairs deck, blooming their little hearts out. I have to find out what all these trees in the yard are--I hate feeling so ignorant about my surroundings!

Another sign of spring--I delved into my box o' flip-flops today for the first time. Last summer I bought so many pairs of flip-flops that I had to also buy a big Sterilite tote to store them all when cold weather came. Can't wait to get more flip-flops this year! I even took a picture of some of them last summer, planning to do a layout about my newfound love. I never did, but maybe I need to!

So when I took out the flip-flops and stuck my pitiful winter-pale feet into them, I realized that the next thing that needed to happen was a pedicure. So I went and got me one this afternoon.

Here's my toes--still pale, but at least colorful:

Now I guess I need to break out the spring clothes. I hate that part of spring. All those clothes that you were almost too fat to wear at the end of summer, and told yourself you'd lose enough weight over the winter so that they'd look good next year...yeah, right. Who loses weight in the wintertime?

And spring reveals your figure flaws that you'd semi-hidden under jeans and sweaters all winter long and pretended weren't there. Ugh.

And spring also means new clothes shopping--for me, anyway. All that too-tight stuff has to go, and you're shopping for roomier capris, like maybe circus-fat-lady style. Do they make 'em that big?

Hm. I definitely have mixed feelings about spring.

In other news, I got a call from Borders that a CD I ordered came in, so I dropped by and picked that up. This was a weird thing...I found out about Pandora Radio a couple weeks ago, which is a free site where you type in an artist or song name, and the site generates a "radio station" with artists that share traits with that original artist.

So one of the first artists I entered was the Beatles, of course, and I was puttering around listening to the various songs that popped up, and this amazing-sounding song came on. I rushed over to see what it was, and it was called "The Weakest Shade of Blue" by the Pernice Brothers. Never heard of them in my life, but I checked out their albums and made a mental note to try and get the one with that song on it.

A couple nights later, we were watching yet another Gilmore Girls DVD, and this snippet of a song played over the beginning of a scene. It was that song! And it sounded just as amazing. So I went and got the CD--had to special order it and everything.

The album is Yours, Mine and Ours by the Pernice Brothers...I'm listening to it right now and really enjoying it. Great for a spring day.

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