Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Here's a little project I did last week. I bought this sign at a yard sale or thrift store a few years ago--it's a little more '80's country than I usually like, but for some reason I liked the shape of it and thought maybe I'd do something with it.

The whole thing is done in that country blue color, which doesn't really go with anything I own, either. I liked the sentiment, though.

So I just changed it a bit:

I painted the outside edge a nice green color, and then lined the inside with a vintage-styled patterned paper. Then I used one of my old scrapbooking lettering templates to make the letters, and cut 'em out of black cardstock.

It seemed like it needed something else, so I stuck a vintage button at each end.

The old sign sat on top of our coat hanger shelf at the foot of the stairs, so I put the new one right back in the same spot. But I think now it needs to be hung on the wall and raised up some so it's more visible.

Love those super-fast projects that make you feel like you accomplished something big, even though you really didn't!


Sharon said...

The new sign looks much better!

Mimi said...

That's so gorgeous!

barbara said...

I am really impressed with those letters. What an improvement!

scrapmom4 said...

WHen I first saw it I thought...icky font. The new one ROCKS! I'm pretty sure I have that same stencil. ;) The background is great, and I'm so glad country blue is gone (at least for now).

Kim said...

I love it! Especially the paper on the background.

Donna Wells said...

Very cute! You did wonders...glad you got rid of that awful blue. I like blue, but not THAT blue!