Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Various tired things.

Is everybody sick of my whining about how tired I am? Too darn bad.

Today is like a whole new level of tiredness. I have to exert effort to plop each finger down on the keyboard. This may just be the most exhausted I have ever felt in my life. The gnomes in my body must be very hard at work repairing my chest area today, that's all I can figure.

What's that you say? There are no gnomes in the human body? Well, maybe not in yours. But my body is maintained by a team of tiny gnomes. They like Ben and Jerry's ice cream for a special treat. I don't provide it for them very often, though, as their next task will be to address my tummy area and butterfat ice cream isn't the tool required for that.

Sooo tired. Blinking takes an effort today. I feel a disbelieving annoyance way down under the tiredness...I didn't expect to be this tired at this point. And I'm more bored than ever...what am I supposed to do between passing-out-on-the-couch periods? I type a sentence and then have to sit and rest for a minute or two!

Anyway, I found this game the other day. I can't even imagine having the energy and mental capacity to play it right this minute, but maybe someone else out there is more on the ball today than I am. It's addictive, I warn you. Kind of a cross between Scrabble and Tetris. Must Pop Words

Also my friend Beverly forced me to go to Bath and Body Works on Sunday and then she forced me to fill up a bag with stuff and then she forced me to buy it all. She had a gun stuck in my ribs and everything. I swear. She is mean.

So one of the things she forced me to buy is this scent called Vanilla Noir and it is seriously one of the best things I have ever smelled. I like vanilla scents, but often they are way too sweet. Vanilla Noir, on the other hand, smells like a warm pound cake that just found out about sex and is planning what to do with the knowledge. Yum.

I was also going to type in a recipe for something I ate for lunch and which is fresh in my memory as delicious, but I am too tired now. I'll do it later. Back to the couch for me. Sigh.


Jen R. said...

After I had surgery, it took a good six weeks before I was back to normal... then it gets better.

scrapmom4 said...

Well, there were so many good recommendations in that post I can forgive you for not posting the recipe. Sorry you're so tired. Sounds like me when I had newborns, including the sore boobies!

beverlyd said...

Ha! Blame it all on me, eh? I suppose I also made you buy that ginormous pizza that probably stunk up your car the entire way home. ;)

I love my apple body wash. I think B&B Works puts some kind of chemical to make you addicted.

donnapiranha said...

After that description of Vanilla Noir, I believe I need to have a cigarette...and I don't even smoke! Could be my lack of a husband right now. Maybe a trip to B&BW is in order. ;-)