Thursday, July 30, 2009

I was watching "America's Funniest Home Videos" last night for a little dose of humor, and they showed this video of a terrified kid on one of those giant swing rides where they strap you in and you bounce way up high...he was clutching the seat for dear life with his eyes closed and shouting to himself, "I'm okay I'm okay I'm okay I'm okay!" as he bounced up and down.

I was thinking about that in the car today and it made me laugh all over again, because I feel like every time I check in here at my blog I'm reassuring myself in a way, "I'm okay, I'm okay!" Right now this blog is more for my own comfort than anything else.

I felt a little tiny bit like I was on that swing ride as I rushed around this morning--going to the doctor (he says I'm healing up great) and trying desperately to find bras that pinch my sutures as little as possible (not possible) and looking for a tiny wheelie bag that I can carry on or check, whichever seems easiest, and oh yes, meeting Todd at the body shop to drop off the car on his lunch hour because we're having car repair issues in the midst of everything. And it's about 180 degrees outside this week, and humid. And of course, I'm thinking abut my grandma and my mom and my aunts and hoping they're all doing okay.

None of it is a big deal at all, except the sad stuff, but when it happens all at once, it feels a little overwhelming. But I'm okay!


Mimi said...

Hugs. You are ok, but that's a lot. How is your mom doing?

Janelle said...

She's sad but okay, I think. She and my aunt have been riding the health-care roller coaster with Grandpa for several years now, and have borne the brunt of a lot of his irrationality, tantrums, and mental health problems. I think they're both going to have a lot of emotions to process once the funeral is over with.

donnapiranha said...

Hang in there! I'm going through my own bunch of issues all at once. I need to start saying "I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay." That's a good mantra.
Glad you're healing well. Sorry about the bra issues. They're probably all designed by men!

Mimi said...

I think so too, Janelle. Hugs.