Friday, April 10, 2009

Just some stuff.

Todd got his 15 minutes of fame this week. He spent several days e-mailing people about this issue--it's crazy that we live on a peninsula almost entirely surrounded by water, and yet there are only a couple of places where you can actually get to the water. And then the bad seeds have to ruin it for everybody. Sheesh.

I realized what a mistake I made, not having labor! First my e-mail friend Bonnie told me that her 23-year-old son loves to tackle all her home improvement projects, and then I had to go and hire a kid (my friends' son Matthew) to help me weed the front flowerbeds yesterday. If I'd had my own kid when we first got married, I'd be reaping the benefits right about now.

Nah...still not worth it! Besides, Matthew is a delightful yard work companion. And if he was my kid, I'd go broke just trying to keep him clothed, the way he's growing.

Um...what else? I bought a cool black globe at the thrift store--it's about 60 years old, I think.

We're going to watch "30 Rock" on DVD tonight. I love Tina Fey. Todd hates her glasses.

I'm planning my big projects to do when Todd goes to the Outer Banks next weekend: washing windows and planting flowers are the two biggest.

This weekend is tax weekend--we can't put it off any longer. Sigh.

My gosh, we are living some dull lives right now! Not that I mind, necessarily, but it doesn't make for scintillating blog reading. I can't even comment on current events because I am keeping the news resolutely off. "The Daily Show" doesn't count as news, right?

I really dislike holidays and holiday weekends, so this time around I'm pretending there's no holiday at all. It's worked well so far. I may make some deviled eggs, though.

Back later.


Cheryl said...

HA! Free shmee! All the yard work Matthew did here last weekend cost us a video game! He loved working in your garden. He works so hard...makes me proud! :)

donnapiranha said...

You sound like me. Good to be able to use those kids' helper skills and then send them back home when you're done with them!

I'm with ya' on the holiday thing. Boooooring.

And I think this is just a boring time of year. Pretty dull here as well. I'm living in Dramaland and it's still boring! :-)

Mimi said...

Whohooooo! Congratulations to Todd on his 15 minutes~

Bonnie said...

This weekend it was clearing out all of the fallen pine needles from the front yard garden. We're picking up the rototiller from my parents next weekend and tackling the garden. Ok - my 23 year old is and I'm going to supervise. Or maybe take the dog for a walk... I feel your pain and I don't miss it!!!! (should I say I remember feeling your pain?) :)

Amy said...

Yup - kids are great free labor - but trying to find them in a good mood to do all that labor can be a challenge!