Friday, March 20, 2009


Recent thrift store finds:

Five volumes of a set of literature for children, published in 1909.

They have gorgeous illustrations!

I stacked up three of them on the mantel:

I also found a gorgeous, heavy, pressed-glass egg plate. Time to make some deviled eggs, I think!

I picked up a sweet little needlepoint picture of a house a couple of weeks ago, and left its mate there, but since it was still there when I went in on Monday, I decided to get it, too. I'm glad I did:

Got some good news today...the weather's all fun and blustery...and I've got a good book to read tonight while Todd plays poker...things are pretty good here. See ya~!


Martha said...

Ooo. I love those books!

Christina said...

Love your finds. I love egg plates-love deviled eggs too. : )

The boos are great---the illustrations are fabulous. Old books are just wonderful to decorate with.

Good to "meet" you!

Mimi said...

Wow, those books are incredible! What a fanastic find (and is that your mom in the picture? She looks like you!)

Anonymous said...

Those books are wonderful... think of the treasures you can make by photocopying them on vintage paper... I gotta go find me some books too!

Pajama Mama said...

i've always wanted a deviled egg plate, but never thought to look in a thrift store! one more thing to add to my list of hunted items...

Meadowlark Days said...

awesome books! our library is having a sale on sat, but they don't usually have anything like those!