Friday, February 13, 2009


Well, this week I have:

--bought a $32 gallon of the wrong non-refundable paint.

--incurred a $15 late charge on an $18 bra that I forgot was charged on my Macy's card, which I never use.

--ruined a beloved, expensive and irreplaceable pair of yoga pants by kneeling in them in half-dried paint on the floor.

I am going to stay in bed tomorrow and not touch anything.

In other news, Todd got contact lenses last weekend and has been adjusting to them this week--namely, adjusting to the putting-in and taking-out process, which is really hard for him to do, but getting easier, I think.

As further proof that I'll never win the Best Wife award, I have to say that I was not real excited about his getting contacts. I really, really like glasses on men. Especially on my man, who's worn glasses for all of the 21 years I've known him.

Plus, his glasses were the one lingering quality that kept me in his league. Now he's the hot young-looking guy with the ugly fat middle-aged wife. Who wears glasses.

I wore contacts briefly in high school, but I felt, and still do, that I need glasses to break up the vast expanse of my big face. It's tempting to switch now, watching Todd flaunt his spiffy off-the-rack sunglasses, but my face is even bigger now than it was in high school. I think I need the glasses, even though it means wearing dorky clip-on sunglasses..

Anyway, for absolutely selfish reasons, I'm not stoked about the contacts. But they will make things a lot easier for Todd when he windsurfs and kayaks and whatnot. I'm glad he likes 'em, even if I don't.

I've got the bathroom about 85% painted. Todd will be doing the rest as penance, because he forgot his kayak paddle and I had to drive out to York County to take it to him tonight! Actually, he'd end up doing the rest anyway, because it's mostly ceiling cutting-in, which I can't reach to do anyway. I've painted everything I can reach.

The color looks great. It's Laura Ashley Sage. I'll put up a picture or two once we get it all done. It's a little dicey around the shower, because I taped over the caulking and now the paint wants to come off the wall when I peel off the tape. Todd will be dealing with that, too. My patience ran out right around the time I ruined my yoga pants!

Now I'm kicking back with an episode of "Dirty Jobs." Mike Rowe can make the worst day better. Mm mm!


Tracy said...

Glasses are a security blanket for me. When I did wear contacts, I was always reaching up to touch the rim of my glasses, even after years of contacts. I noticed that I did it much more frequently when I felt unsure or threatened in any way.

Looking forward to seeing the "after" pic of the bathroom!

Mimi said...


I am seriusly eye squeamish. I'd have to faint, and let dh put contacts in for me.

Since I'm farsighted, though, I'll just wear the kicky glasses I have.

donnapiranha said...

Awwwww! I feel your pain. Sorry about the yoga pant mishap and the wasted bra and paint money. Grrrrrr. Hang in there with the whole contacts thing. I'm sure your little nerd is still there behind those contacts. :-)