Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh! I forgot!

Forgot to mention that lovely Staci won the tea journal, which will be going out to her tomorrow. Thanks so much for stopping by, Staci! (And everybody else.)

Thanks for the virtual pats on the back, too, seems like recently I have become so much more insecure about so many things--my looks, my wardrobe, my blog, my house, my life. I never used to be like this. I always stepped to a different drummer and reveled in it, but now I feel a little uncertain. I thought you were supposed to get more confident as you got older, but I feel like I need more affirmation now than I ever, ever did before. Weird.

I wonder if somehow I expected that at a certain point I would have things figured out, and now that Forty's hot, stinky breath is on my neck (ow) and nothing's figured out at all, maybe I'm looking around and wondering if I got anything right.

Or maybe I just need a snack and a cup of tea. See ya!


beverlyd said...

40 is the new 30.

I think you'd look dapper in contacts. ;)

Susie Q said...

Hey, 50 is breathing down my neck (as in less than 30 days!). The 28th is our 28th anniversary, hubby just turned 50 2 weeks ago, I turn 50, the day after is the 19th anniversary of my father's death and our youngest son's bd, then the 27th is the 16th anniversary of his death. Can we skip March?