Monday, October 06, 2008

Will somebody give me $100 so I can buy...

...this little guy?

I'm surfing around looking for zombie-related items, and I found him on Etsy. Oh, how I want him! I love how you can stuff his intestines into the little pouch on his tummy!

Why am I looking for zombie items? Because I got this literary masterpiece in my e-mail today, written by my nephew Angelo:

Angelo and the curse of the living dead.

Ones Opon a time ther was a boy and two girls. They were on a mishin to find the crystl skull but they got lost and ran into a grave yard.

It had bones laing arawnd and they herd a nowes it sawnded like it was behind them a bone hand landed on gianna she turnd arawnd she saw a skeleton she scremd we ran to her.

I wesperd the living dead we all tock awt ar sords and fot in till all the scelaton wer gon and we won the batel and we fownd the crystal scal AND THAT WAS THE STORY


I think such a talented author deserves a nice zombie present for Christmas. Unfortunately, most of the zombie stuff out there isn't exactly child-suitable.

I was so tickled when I saw the title of the story. I'm the biggest wussy you could ever find, but I have a real fondness for zombie books, and the only zombie movie I've ever made it through, "Night of the Living Dead." The rest are too scary for me. Wussy, I tell ya.

I wonder how hard it would be to adapt that bear design...


Cheryl said...

Angelo NEEDS a zombie of his very own! Maybe you could do something with the pattern for that cute little scottie dog you made a couple of years ago! LOL!

Mimi said...

I'm wussy as well. What a cute (if overpriced) zombie.

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest zombie ever, fersure.

Jamie said...

Ok... I was thinking that zombie bear was the most heinous thing I ever saw... and then I read Angelo's story and thought, "Ohhh... *that's* why she wants that heionous thing." Made total sense, LOL.

That said... you could SO re-create that thing. For much less than $100 and with the added bonus of it being an Aunt Janelle Original. Go fot it! :o)

Jamie said...

OK... I'm feeling the need to apologize for the spelling in my previous post. Oy.

scrapmom4 said...

That zombie is adorable! I'm sure you could make one just as cute.