Thursday, August 07, 2008


I have not fallen off the planet, just don't have anything going on right now. It's so hot here that all I do is run my errands first thing in the morning while it's only lowercase hot (as opposed to uppercase HOT) and then I scuttle home and do housework and read and crossword-puzzle. This does not make for exciting blog reading.

I am also in my first month of high-dose birth-control pills in an attempt to get my hormones back to normal, and it's been rough--constant nausea, occasional vomiting, migraines, exhaustion--lovely stuff. So I get done what I have to do (barely) and the rest falls by the wayside.

The doctor's office says that the first month is the worst and then I should start feeling better. I hope so!

Anyway, I'll be back.


Mimi said...

Oh yuck, I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope things settle down for you soon... good luck getting your health under control!

Glad you didn't actually end up bitch-slapping the old lady...

smiley said...

Sorry ur not feeling well. My headaches and migraines are out of control so I can sympathize with that aspect of it all. Love ur blog! Auntie Carol

p.s. Ignore that "anonymous" (ASS****) moronic comment

Mimi said...

Grrrrrr. Don't let anonymous comments get you down. GRRRRRRR

Email me, I have an email going out about the ATC swap - I'm so exited you are in!

Sarah said...

that do stupid anon blog commenters who think it's ok to hit n run.

Hope you are feeling better now.