Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Green. And doors.

A few touches of green around my house:

I've been painting doors today. Some of you may recall that we replaced all our interior doors--when was it? February? Ages ago, anyway. We had those flat dark brown 198os doors, and now we have white six-panel doors of the 21st century! (What is the official name for this decade, anyway?)

Eleven interior doors. I painted the first three (all downstairs) fairly quickly, and then I dilly-dallied around because I dislike painting so much. I started on the upstairs doors...got one painted...and then broke my toe. This was at the end of April.

You might not think a broken toe would interfere with painting, but I have to stand on tippy-toe to reach the tops of the doors, and I couldn't tippy-toe when one of the tippy-toes was broken. (I also couldn't wear flip-flops--who knew that you flex your toes when you walk in flip-flops?)

I could have stood on a chair, I guess, but when I paint, I get it everywhere. I would have hated to ruin a chair.

Anyway (sheesh, I'm boring
myself with this story) I finally got the paintbrush out today and knocked off two doors. Now I have six done, and five to go. When I get them done, then Todd will let me embark on another project, but I have to finish this project first. He's so annoyingly left-brained!

Once these doors are done, then we'll replace the accordian-fold closet doors in our bedroom (also flat dark brown) with white doors, and then all the doors will be new! Except the ugly door to the garage. And the ugly sliding doors to the deck. There's always something else to tackle, isn't there?

Before/after picture of my study:


the unquiet librarian said...

I can't wait to see your photos! We replaced three of our doors earlier this year (we went from hideous brown doors to the kind you see in the apartments on Friends), so I understand what a big difference doors can make.

I hope your toe is feeling better! :-)

hugbandit7 said...

We had/have those same doors! We replaced with the 6 panel during one remodel and now need to have the last ones changed out sometime this year!

Michele said...

Love the new doors!!! Big difference in a good way!!!


scrappintrish said...

They turned out great!! I hate to paint too. :)