Sunday, March 02, 2008

Como se llama?

Just poking my head in to say...there's only one reason I wish I'd had kids. Not for the companionship or the joy of knowing my genes will carry on forever, or the hours of potty training, homework and driver's ed.

I wish I'd had kids so I could have named them. I have some strong opinions on weird made-up names, and I always felt that parenthood would be my chance to strike a blow for nice, normal, pretty, traditional names.

(I know my name isn't exactly traditional, but I do think it's normal and pretty. Now my parents did make up my sister's name, as far as I can tell: Jenita. I think it's pretty, too, and maybe not totally normal, but not crazy, either! And at least they didn't give it one of those semi-literate spellings that are all the rage nowadays. Today my poor sister would be named JyNee'tah or something worse.)

Anyway, I stumbled across this site the other day and it's given me such reading pleasure I thought I'd pass it along:

Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing


ambika said...

Even having an unusual name, it *is* a name if not necessarily traditional. However, having worked at a clinic where I saw every wonkified spelling of Caitlin and kids named things like Spiral and Serene, I definitely have an affinity for more traditional names.

Djaiyrmeeh said...

I guess you're glad that Tracy talked me out of the spellings I suggested for our girls: Gnad'duhleeh and !Myrrhyssuh.

Martha said...

Oh my gosh, I laughed at this!!!

I used to teach kids at a cooking school and as the kids filed in for the class I would ask them their names and make them a name tag.

I quickly learned NOT to try and spell the name myself. Even if the name were Mary (Maree, Maire) or Joey (Joie).

'Nuf said.