Saturday, June 09, 2007

Weekend ketchup.

The air conditioner man made it to our house late Friday afternoon...the good news: a silverfish stuck between two contact points was the only thing wrong with our air conditioner. The bad news: it cost $140 to ascertain that. Talk about mixed emotions--do I feel relieved that it wasn't more serious or mad that I paid a small fortune for a 5 minute quick-fix? Hmmm...

Anyway, we're living in the cool again, hallelujah!

We took a morning trip to the beach today and watched three little boys in the spot next to us, having the time of their lives boogie-boarding, splashing and digging big holes with their dad. They were such nice kids, and so well-behaved...I was sorry to see them go, because it was so entertaining to watch them.

I don't think I ever, even as a kid, had that "bursting with joy and energy" quality. I can't remember ever feeling that joyous. The smallest of the boys, who was about two, was standing watching his brothers dig a hole, and every couple of minutes he'd just jump in the air. He could only make it about four inches off the ground, but you could sure tell he was happy and full of life. It made me think of this Garrison Keillor line about how kids are always bursting--they burst five, six times a day and think nothing of it!

I had a bright idea after we left the beach in search of lunch--I need to make a "beach supplies" checklist and post it inside the downstairs closet, so I can be sure to bring everything we need. The two things I missed on this trip were bug spray and a hairbrush. Oh, and the glasses-cleaning kit...they get so salt-covered!

One final Saturday thought as I drain the dregs of my cool drink...if you like lemon, be sure to seek out this Sierra Mist "extra lemon" that they've brought out just for the summer. I've never really cared for Sierra Mist or Sprite, because they seem too sweet, but this version is really tart and puckery, especially if you fill up the glass with lemon slices (and ice cubes) before you pour. I think it would make a killer mixed drink, too--maybe with some vodka and peach or cranberry juice. Yum!

That's all I got. We're officially doing nothing this weekend. I find I don't mind a bit!


scrapmom4 said...

Thanks for the tip about the Sierra Mist extra lemon...sounds awesome.
And the JCrew "thongs". I love me some comfy flip-flops!
P.S. Sorry about the stupid silverfish! But yay that it wasn't MORE expensive!

lisa moz said...

Ok, Julie got new freon for her AC and it only cost $20 more than your silverfish...cruel irony

Thongs...generation X underware

I know you'll never abandon your flip flops, but I've been born again with my CROCS...