Thursday, May 24, 2007


So many of the other blogs I read have pictures of WIPs (Works in Progress). It makes me feel bad that I've been such a creative slug for the past few months.

But at long last I do have a WIP...this is a big printer's type tray that I picked up in Williamsburg last fall. I have just the spot for it: at the end of our upstairs hallway, which is very narrow. The end wall is only a few feet wide, and the door to my study opens right off it, so there's no clearance to put a shelf or anything with any depth on the wall, or else you'd smack into it as you turned the corner into my study.

So this is perfect. I've had it sitting here until I was ready to tackle it, and now I am. I was going to re-paint it because it's a little skeevy, but then I realized I could just line the backs of the drawers to cover up most of the skeevy, and then the rest would just look "shabby," which is merely a slightly more acceptable version of "skeevy."

I have boxes and boxes of tiny treasures from my childhood and later years, which have been on various tiny shelves over time, but have been boxed up for quite a long time as my homes got bigger and tiny treasures seemed harder to display.

So this is a great way to display some of them. I'm using pages from old books and shabby-looking scrapbook papers to line the drawers. It's a project where I sit and stare at it for a while, then add a couple things, then sit and stare at it a few hours later, and move things around. When I get it the way I want it, I'll take a picture, remove everything, hang it up, and then replace everything, using the picture as a guide.

It definitely looks like I'll be needing a few extra-tiny treasures for the many extra-tiny spaces. Those will be fun to keep an eye out for!


Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

I love the way your project is coming along. I've gotten myself into those slumps too but I always eventually come out!

Thanks for the recipe idea you left me. I was planning on trying out the sun-dried tomato dip this weekend! Strange coincidence, huh?

Viv said...

I noticed that empty spot in your hall when I was there and meant to suggest putting something on the wall. Aren't you so clever in finding just the perfect item! Good show...looking forward to seeing the completed project.

the feathered nest said...

That's going to be very pretty with the backs lined with paper. What a great way to display stuff. You'll be able to get sooo many things in it. Can't wait to see it done!