Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More weekend pictures.

Since the weather was so warm Sunday, we spent the day playing outside. Todd, Jeremy and I played with Tanner, pitching and batting the ball around. I know I always say this, but he looks so grown-up in this picture.

And his little sister is about a foot taller than when I last saw her in July!

Here's my dad rocking Marissa almost to sleep in her swing:

Todd and Marissa playing choo-choo train with folding chairs:

Kylie and I reading:

And here's the beautiful birthday girl:

1 comment:

Jeremy said...

Gosh, my kids are cute!

Seriously, it was great to spend some time with you and Todd last weekend. Natalie is all excited because there's a chance of snow over the weekend - she's all set to build a snowman!