Thursday, January 11, 2007

A few cards.

Here's what we're making in my at-home class tomorrow:

No real rhyme or reason to the themes--it's mostly what's sitting on my desk at any given moment! I did use a few new stamps, though. I totally need some new inks--half of mine are dried out--and some new sentiment stamps. But I put myself on a spending freeze till May 1, so...oh well! Stamping is even more of a money pit than scrapbooking, because the inks and stamps are soooo expensive.

Not much else going on here...we're definitely in the post-holiday slump. This weekend we're going to my brother's house for my niece's fourth birthday party. My parents and my sister and her kids will be there, too, so that should be fun!


Mimi said...

I tried to post a comment earlier, but Blogger was down - I LOVE these cards, I wish I could take the class.

I'm going to lift your idea for the Sympathy card, as I love the look of it, and I have that very same stamp.

Nicole Finlayson said...

Your cards are beautiful. I can never do cards well.:)

Mimi said...

I lifted it, thank you so much!

Mimi said...

The lift was sent to Simone, and she posted it, if you want to see. You rock, thanks again.