Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Caterpillars for Kylie.

I took these pictures for my niece Kylie, who is a bug...I was going to say "bug lover," but "bug adorer" would be more accurate. These little buggers ate half of my enormous dill plant a couple weeks ago. Last year, at our condo, they munched my parsley plant down to a few bare stalks, but I guess this year the dill looked more appealing.

Maybe they'll come back to visit in their butterfly stage soon!


Jessica B. said...

How interesting! What neat pictures!

beth said...

ooops! i just accidentally killed off a couple!! they were eating the leaves off my lantana so i relocated them from my plants into a water pail, went in the house to answer the phone and totally forgot about them. went to get the pail off the table and the little critters had burned to a crisp from the sun!!

Anonymous said...

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