Friday, May 12, 2006

Yard sale prep.

You know, I've never thought of us as conspicuous consumers...but how in the world did we accumulate so much crap otherwise?

Yes, it's yard sale time tomorrow, and I spent the afternoon and evening hauling things out of boxes and closets and slapping on price stickers.

In my defense, about 60% of the scrapbooking stuff I'm getting rid of was sent to me, not purchased by me, so I don't have near as much money sunk into the pile as it may appear.

But the clothes? Yeah, that's all my money. Sigh.

My back is killing me! But it's going to feel so good to rid ourselves of all this stuff.

I didn't realize till today that I was going to get rid of as much scrap/stamp stuff as I did. I called my friend Cheryl and asked her to spread the word among her friends. She called back a couple hours later and said she was spreading the word on the Internet, too. ***forehead slap*** It's so nice of her to be my brain when mine is vacationing. If only I'd realized the scope of this earlier in the week, so I could have really promoted it all week!

It's supposed to be a gorgeous day tomorrow, so fingers crossed that we can make a bundle!

Anybody else swoon when Jim kissed Pam on "The Office" last night? Mm mm mm mm MM. I can't tell you how many years it's been since I was all agog over a season ender and all upset because I have to wait four months to find out what happens!


beverly d said...

I sat down last night and made a list of all of the weekend projects I want to do this summer and "purge" was at the top of the list. I don't consider myelf a major shopper but I have noticed that I tend to shove things in a closet or drawer after one use or one wearing if it annoys me in any way. I'm sick of crammed closets that avalanche down on me when I try to get one stinking blanket or towel.

I really wish I could have a professional come in and sort everything for me. I also wish I lived in a place where I could have a yard sale and make money instead of hauling it off to charity where they will probably toss it into some "scraps and rags" bin.

I saw bits and pieces of The Office and I always get a little "crushy" when Jim and Pam exchange looks in the office. They are so cute together. The kiss has me worried, tho. On every tv show I've ever watched where I've wanted a couple to get together, the chemistry dissipated and I lost interest once they hooked up. They've kissed before and it didn't mean anything in the show, so who knows where it'll go next season.

scrapmom3 said...

I am kind of envious of my friends who are moving to China because they had to get rid of so much stuff. I have a hard time justifying getting rid of something that I think I might use later. Hopefully later will come. :)

I hope your yard sale goes/went great!


Jamie said...

I definitely swooned... :)