Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday night thoughts.

I'm sitting here tonight with my perfect cup of Constant Comment tea and a roiling headache. I've had it most of the day. I've actually had a headache all week and today was sort of the culmination of the all the headaches from the past five days. Delightful! The tea helps.

I've been thinking tonight about an acquaintance of mine on the Two Peas boards who seems to have come up against some cruel misuse of information she wrote in a blog a year or so ago. The blog is inactive, but someone seems to have unearthed the stuff she wrote, which was sexually explicit, and has used it to try to discredit her at her work and in a few other areas.

I can remember reading her blog at the time and feeling afraid that she would be sorry one day for putting so much out there. I hate it that it's actually happened after all this time.

My friend Cheryl told me last week that some ladies were talking about me at our other local LSS. Nothing bad, but they knew my real name, my Two Peas username, and my blog. These were not people I knew--I know very few local scrappers who are also Internet-savvy.

It freaked me out. First, because I had written some thoughts about my old job that were not really for local dissemination. Second, because there are people who apparently know me--who I don't know. It's a peculiar feeling, since I believed I pretty much flew under the radar in my real life as well as my Internet life.

Anyway, it's definitely food for thought. Just because I don't have any interest in tracking people down and learning about them, doesn't mean it can't be done to me. It's a fine line to walk--knowing how much information is too much.

In other news, I spaced out this week and found out today that the deadline for the final Fiskars/Paper Crafts insert is Monday. So I'll be creating this weekend! The way this week went, I probably would have procrastinated it to the last minute, anyway, so it'll be fine.

I had my mini-class this morning, with only one friend here, but we had a lovely time anyway. Maybe next month a few more of them can come. Here's the card we did...I can't open my software to stitch the layout for some reason:

The background papers are from the Urban Couture line from Basic Grey. Scrappers have been having ecstasies over Basic Grey ever since they debuted a couple of years ago, but although I have a few sheets from various BG lines, I've never gone gaga. Until Urban Couture. These papers are so drop-dead gorgeous!

One last thought--did anybody see The Office last night? When Jim gave Pam her Coke and looked at her and said, "Hi"? Did anyone else's heart go pitter-pat??? He is yummy-yum!

Wish me good creating, headache-free vibes for the next couple days, okay?


Missy said...

Great Card - I love that paper. Thanks for the talk about the blog - I guess we all need a reminder sometimes that this stuff is out there for everyone to see and save!!

beverly d said...

private thoughts in a public forum. the joy and sorrow of blogging. there are articles all over the place now about people losing jobs and spouses because of blogs. i read an article about a flight attendant who shared "mile high" stories in her blog and the airline found out (gotta love tattle tales) and fired her for presenting a negative impression of the airline.

in my own blog, i'm very personal, yet i won't let anyone at work have the URL for it b/c i just don't want them reading it. there are other friends who want it, too, and i won't tell them either because ... well, the things i write about are cathartic (sp?) and some of the things aren't things i would have told those friends over a cup of coffee (or a milk shake or whatever0 and i don't want them privvy to my private thoughts... eventhough i'll let hundreds of strangers read them every day. lol

if i ever become famous, i'm deleting my entire blog. i don't some other writer putting a twist on my memories and thoughts.

anyhoo.... thanks for the reminder that i'm not living under a rock. :)

I love that card design. that pattern and color combo would be an awesome textile.

Janelle said...

I know, B..there's such a difference between sharing stuff with strangers and sharing it with people you actually have to live with. It seems so much easier to let it all hang out with people you barely know!

beth said...

it's amazing what you learn from other people's mistakes! i learned very early on with this blogging concept that you can't deliver the total goods to anyone! you just never know!

i remember one blogger making her blog password accessible because she was venting about her work situation (isn't everyone!!) and was concerned that the information might creep it's way into the workspace! being careful on the net is not a choice - it's a must!!

PS - i miss seeing you at the store!

Mimi said...

Firstly - yes, my heart went pitter pat. Jim is *so* adorable.

Secondly - great card, you have an eye.

Thirdly - yes, I've been surprised sometimes to realize that real-life acquaintences know my blog. It reminds one to never say something on your blog you'd not say to a good friend (or your mother).

Nicole said...

Here...I can return the compliment. ;) This is a beautiful card! I am in love with that line of paper. I just picked up some for myself.

Thanks for leaving some ♥ on my blog. :D