Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Leafy, leafy.

That's a Phoebe quote from Friends, by the way...for some reason, Todd and I have been quoting it for, oh, ten years now. It's just fun to say.

A few fall foliage pictures from our Sunday drive along the Colonial Parkway. This is a limited-access tourist road that connects Yorktown, Williamsburg and Jamestown, and runs along some of the prettiest rivers and streams you'll ever see.

I think this one on the left is sooo pretty. Love all the grasses and weedy stuff in the foreground.

This one below was taken in roughly the same spot as the other one, just facing the opposite direction.

That's all for now--Todd wants his dinner for some dumb reason. Heh.


Mimi said...

Phoebe gets quoted a lot here too!

Love the photos - what a beautiful autumn!

Helena said...

Ahhhh, autumn! I miss the crisp fall weather and the colors. In Washington it tends to get pretty soggy and gray around this time of year.