Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Living in a powderkeg, giving off sparks

Yep, I'm still traveling to the past via radio. Today was 1983. An excellent year, it turns out...except for Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney singing "The Girl is Mine." Bleah.

"Total Eclipse of the Heart" was in the top ten, and I had to crank the radio up and belt it out when it came on. It's one of those super-dramatic songs that is just so appealing when you're thirteen years old and dreaming about all the crazy dramatic heart-rending passion that you're sure is in store for you. Then you grow up and find out those nights of wailing along with Bonnie Tyler were about as exciting as you're ever gonna see.

Oh, I am in a life slump right now, can you tell? Being thirty-four is hard. Is this all there is? I need a kind pat on the back, somebody.

I've been trying to work on a Paper Crafts idea, but kept ending up staring at it and doing the twirl--you know, that twirl you do in your swivel chair when you have no brain activity of any kind and twirling is all you can do to keep from sinking into a creative coma.

But today Card Creations 3 showed up at my door, and I looked through it and found my four cards (extra exciting, as I only thought there'd be three) and it made me feel much more motivated! I finished the creative coma project, and though I still don't think it's all that, at least I was able to move on in my mind. Then I made another project that I am actually happy with. It's amazing how stimulating it is to see your work in print--it makes you want to see MORE of your work in print. It makes you quite greedy, as a matter of fact!

Now I just need to sustain it...!


Mimi said...

Congratulations! That rocks!

And to think - tomorrow is 1984, in my opinion, the best musical year ever (with the exception of Thriller)

Janelle said...

Mimi, I missed 1984! I had to work allllll day! :( That was definitely an awesome year...Born in the USA!