Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I waved Lisa and Evelyn off this morning bright and early. Evelyn was in a bit of a mood, so I'm hoping the journey went really well and that she slept for a lot of it!

We completely enjoyed Evelyn, though. She warmed up to us fairly well...I think I was expecting her to just come to us and let us hold her and take her hand the way our other nieces and nephews do, but she has spent far, far less time with us, so she was a little wary. But she did talk our ears off. I like talking to toddlers so much. In fact, I like toddlers. Those years from two to four, kids are poised so perfectly between innocence and consciousness. Yes, they are completely unreasonable and cry at the drop of a hat, but I love their turns of phrase and their little voices and the way they are constantly trying to piece the world together.

A sampling of Evelyn:
"Where ya goin'?"
"Whatcha doin'?"
"Whose road this is?"
"Whose somebody's beach this is?"
"We going to my house?"
"We going to Aunt Janelle's house?"
"Too sunny, Ma!"
"That water tastes bad." (salty ocean water)
"Hide, Uncle Todd!"
"Do 'gain!"
"Do 'gain!"
"Do 'gain!"

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Tina said...

Her comments sound very familiar! Toddlers are non-stop talkers, aren't they? It's so funny to listen to them. I'm glad you wrote down her little sayings.