Saturday, June 18, 2005

Mint and coleus

Mint and coleus
Originally uploaded by JScrappy.
My pretty spearmint plant is doing so much better this year. I don't know if the change of locale helped, or the constant picking, or what. This is the mint that always grew around the well at my grandma's house, and we would pick a huge bowlful and make iced tea. Another evocative childhood smell and taste.


Beverly D. said...

As you know, I grew up in rural PA. There was a hillside across from my Grandma D's house (now my parents' house) that had a fresh spring. My dad put a PVC pipe in to make a little drinking foutain of sorts. One of the biggest memories of being a kid is drinking water from the spring, pulling up the fresh mint leaves that grew behind it to release that smell and picking blackberries from the bush that grew near the spring. :) I love the smell of fresh mint.

Janelle said...

There's nothing like growing up in the country, is there? Want me to send you a sprig? ;)